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10 Years Of Pink Stumps Bowen Cricket And The McGrath Foundation

What started as a simple gathering in 2014, to bolster the relationship between the Bowen Cricket Associations’ wives, girlfriends, and mums, while raising important funds for the McGrath Foundation, has grown exponentially in 10 short years.

Bowen Cricket’s Pink Stumps Day has become a much-loved feature on the Bowen community calendar, an event that is widely known and regularly sees over 300 ladies attend, dressed in their best pink outfits to support the worthwhile breast cancer charity.

In 2019, with Club President Danny Borgh, Pink Stumps Day outgrew the clubhouse, and a marquee was erected to house all the ladies.

“This really got the ball rolling to make the event a bigger thing,” Bowen Cricket Association President, Seth McIntosh, explained.

Under Seth’s presidency, the Pink Stumps Day has continued to raise its profile and has donated about $10,000 per year on average to the McGrath Foundation, a feat that Seth is incredibly proud of.

“The Pink Stumps Day is a staple in our calendar every year, and something all of the cricket community looks forward to each year,” Seth explained.

Bowen Cricket Association also hold a memorial test in February, to honour the deaths of two local club legends, Ducky Lea and Harold Watts.

In 2016, the Harold Watts & Ducky Lea Memorial Shield was inducted as a trophy, and a competition was played between their two-representative teams, the Raiders (merged with the Bears) and the Bulls. This was played last week, with the Bulls coming out on top.

“And, in 2020,” Seth explained. “A Pink Stumps Cup was inaugurated by Harolds Watts’ son Lee Watts, who was president of the club at the time, to open up the Pink Stumps Match to all teams in the competition. For 2024, this will be played between the Bulls and the Chargers.”

Now, with the 10th Anniversary of Bowen Crickets’ Pink Stumps Day, Seth and the team are excited to welcome the likes of The McGrath Foundation’s own Glenn McGrath for their 2024 event.

“Having Glenn attend, it’s more of a gift for the community, to recognise the effort and support they have shown the event,” Seth explained.

The importance of Pink Stumps Day is well reflected in the attendance of the region’s ladies, who attend to support the cause, and to be informed on conditions such as breast cancer.

“This is a day of public education,” Seth explained.

“The party and celebrations are just a trick to sit the women down and talk about something they usually won't put much thought into. You don't get many opportunities to do something like this, so making it an education-first event is important to me.

“It’s a bit of balance of not boring the hell out of the attendees, and getting your message across, and we always try and get the balance right.”

Seth would also like to take this opportunity to thank the team who were instrumental in organising the event.
“I wish to thank Stacey Patterson, Tamika Lindner, and Hannah Altmann for your tireless hard work, making this event as great as it is.”

Bowen Cricket Association’s Pink Stumps Day has consistently placed in the Top 10 of organisations in the donation board Australia-wide, and Seth is excited to see the 2024 fundraising be one of the highest they have produced for The McGrath Foundation.


   1. Member for Dawson, Andrew Willcox attending Pink Stumps Day

   2. The Ladies of Pink Stumps watching the Pink Stumps Match

   3. Pink Stumps, supporting breast cancer patients. Photos supplied

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