Thursday, September 28, 2023


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This October will mark 15 years of the Choir of Unheard Voices, who are celebrating with a concert that is not to be missed.

Margaret Ross has spent the years witnessing the power of singing, for people in our community who are dealing with mental illness and disability.

In 2008, the Choir of Unheard Voices began as a way to reach into the closed spaces of the people who came to sing. They had their very first performance that year, to mark Mental Health Week.

In 2009, the choir travelled to Sydney to open at the International Mental Health Nurses Convention, as well as performing at Parliament House in Brisbane.

Over the years, the choir organisation has performed at over 400 community events, even staying resilient through Covid-19, livestreaming to keep the sound of music alive.

Many years have passed and many challenges have presented, but Margaret has been determined to keep the choir singing, right up until now, marking fifteen years.

This week, the Choir of Unheard Voices will celebrate this incredible milestone.

They will take you on a captivating journey, with the joy and laughter that has come from singing together. The choir will weave through their fond memories in a lyrical waltz, sharing stories and songs to give you an experience where music exists and nothing else matters.

Join the Choir for their fifteen-year celebration concert on Sunday 1st October at 2pm, Northside Uniting Church on Bedford Road.

Some of the members of the Choir of Unheard Voices, 2023.

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