Thursday, April 11, 2024


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4000 Tins Of Food Donated To Chances

In response to the escalating issue of homelessness within the community, Pioneer State High School has stepped up to make a significant impact. With an astounding show of solidarity and compassion, the school has donated an impressive 4000 tins of food to support the efforts of Chances Op Shop in addressing the needs of homeless individuals within the community.
Chances Op Shop has become an essential base for those experiencing homelessness in Mackay, offering vital services such as hot meals, warm clothing, and a safe space for respite during the day. The generous donation from Pioneer State High School will undoubtedly strengthen the organisation's ability to continue to provide essential support to individuals in need.
The initiative taken by the school reflects a growing sense of community responsibility and empathy towards those facing adversity. Through collective action and collaboration, the students, parents, and teachers of Pioneer State High School have rallied together to make an outstanding difference in the lives of those in need.
The heartfelt appreciation expressed by the team at Chances Op Shop was posted to Facebook, stating, “Thank you for doing the can drive again and a huge thank you to all of the students, teachers and parents who organised, contributed or helped.

“This will help immensely to continue providing food to people experiencing homelessness in Mackay.”

Pioneer State High School students, parents and teachers gathered 4000 tins of food to donate to Chances Op shop to feed the mouths of those who are facing homelessness

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