Thursday, January 18, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

A Caffeinated Blend Of Morning Musings

A couple of things I want to touch on, as I let you drink your first of three coffees’ today, as we know this weekend will be a busy time for many around Mackay and the Whitsundays.

The first one is Monday. It is the day to start the week, and I have got to say, this Monday will be special in so many ways. It is the start of school for so many kids around town. That means if for the first time, the second or the last time, emotions will be running high as we let our kids explore a new grade, or the new wide world.

Good luck to those little ones heading off to Kindy, Primary School, or even starting High School for the first day. Next Monday will be exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Soak it all up, smile. Oh, and do not forget, it will be over before you know it. Plus, the paper they give you at the end of it all, does not make you at all. That comes from firsthand experience.

The other thing that is on next week is I am back on 4MK after a couple of weeks holiday. It has been fun switching off the 4am alarm and just getting up when I feel like it for a fortnight. While I say that, it does not mean that I have been sleeping on a hammock all the time after mowing the yard. I have been kept busy. Volunteering, catching up with friends, going to the gym at such early hours (thanks Steve you’re a legend) and eating too much peanut butter and sun-dried tomatoes. Not at the same time.

It will be good to get back in the groove of breakfast radio on Monday, so join me for some fun and a few laughs along the way.

The other thing that is on next week, is something big to many people for different reasons. Australia Day is officially this time next week, and whilst it is a divisive day to many people, it is a day that is celebrated for what it is. This column is not a place to discuss why, but to tell you that next Thursday night the Mackay Australia Day awards are on at the MECC.

This is a night to thank those people who give so much to our community, but never reach out for acknowledgement. I have been nominated again for Citizen of the Year and Volunteer of the Year awards, and for that I am truly grateful to whoever did put my name forward. I feel very humbled to be nominated in the company of so many beautiful people who give back, day after day.

I have been nominated many times before, and I tell you, to just to receive this early acknowledgment is winning in my eyes. So, thank you one and all, and good luck to everyone else whose names are up in lights. You are all winners to me. Let us congratulate them all on Thursday. Oh, and Happy Australia Day.

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