Thursday, August 24, 2023


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A Chain Reaction Of Kindness

‘Paying it forward’ is a good deed that not only brightens someone else’s day, it can also initiate a chain reaction of good deeds and good vibes.

Stacey Read recently witnessed this at BP Rural View.

“To the very kind guy that paid it forward by paying for an elderly man’s fuel today at BP northern beaches,” she wrote on Facebook.

“The gentleman whose fuel you paid for would like to say a huge thank you and thank you very much for your kindness.  

“He was very stunned and very grateful.  

“What an amazing and kind person you are.  

“Hope you have a great week.

“Happy to see kindness in such hard times.”

Stacey wasn’t the only one impressed with the selflessness of the gentleman.

The post attracted over 500 likes in Mackay Noticeboard and many comments sharing appreciation of the post and the gesture.

“It's amazing how posts like this brighten my day,” one person wrote.

“From feeling down I feel so content knowing that there really is kindness in this world.

“Thanks for sharing.

“It makes me wonder how one act of kindness can affect how many people?”

BP Rural View. Photo supplied

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