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A Commitment To Community Excellence

The Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA) at Gargett is a strong pillar of the region, with a rich tapestry of historical achievements spanning seventy-five years.

Today, Gargett branch is deeply committed to community service with monthly meetings serving as a communal hub for members to engage in behind-the-scenes projects.

The focus of the branch’s fundraising efforts extend towards the upkeep of the hall, sustaining operations and contributing to the QCWA’s State Crisis Fund, as well as financing various local community support initiatives.

The hall is not only a venue for official meetings. Monthly Craft and Social Days offer a creative space for members and others in the community, and several times a year the hall also comes alive with Hoy & Mini Cent Sales.

Gargett branch further extends to cater for private and public events, showcasing adaptability and engaging the community with its services.

An upcoming milestone for Gargett QCWA, is the 75th anniversary luncheon on 20th November. In reflection of the organisation’s rich history, past and present members and those with links to the community will gather to reminisce on their many achievements.

Any inquiries regarding Gargett QCWA can be directed to the branch secretary, Loris Wall at

Gargett Country Women’s Association Hall

The ladies take part in community-based activities such as Craft and Social Days, which are open to anyone who wants to attend

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