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A Licence To Dream

Sometimes a good deed is more than a spontaneous moment of kindness, it can be working within a system to create real change that helps countless people achieve something simple by removing the barriers of cost.

This was a project that the team at Reefside Marine in Bowen embarked upon this year when they realised some of their clients were struggling to get their boat licence because the cost would often be well over $1000 when you include travel, accommodation and the ticket itself.

Kate Cullen from Reefside Marine said they had some customers who are pensioners and had unknowingly been driving without a licence for years.

Other customers were school kids who loved heading out on the water on the weekend but could not afford to get the licence because they had to travel to Townsville to get there.

Motivated by making sure all her customers are safe and legal, Kate embarked on a long process which involved many phone calls.

Finally, she managed to organise the Marine Rescue boat licence certifiers to come from Brisbane and conduct the course in Bowen over one weekend.

She also ensured this was all conducted at cost-price, making nothing herself from the interaction, simply wanting to make a boat licence something her customers could access affordably and locally.

As a result, the cost of a licence decreased from $900 to $300, with no travel costs involved.

The first event took place in February, and it was so popular they are organising another one for May, 11 and 12, with a few spots still remaining.

This is a full two-day course where participants complete the theory course followed by the exam on the first day and then the practical training, followed by the exam on the second day.

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