Thursday, August 24, 2023


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A lost youth receiving assistance from the Proserpine Community Centre was helped home last week thanks to a good-natured local business.

The young man had arrived at the Centre seeking aid after moving to the Whitsundays to live with a friend before becoming homeless.

Having lived alone in his car for some time, he wished to return interstate to live with his mother – the problem being his vehicle had been deemed unsafe to make the trip and he had no funds to repair it.

Community Centre staff said they contacted a local auto-care business, Cane Country Tyres.

“Not knowing much about car safety, we called them for advice,” the staff spokesperson said.

“After explaining the boy’s situation to Shane, he said, 'Leave it with me. We will see what we can do to help him.'"

Even after advising Shane that the young man would be unable to pay, the Cane Country Tyres owner made the car safe and declined compensation, despite Proserpine Community Centre’s willingness to cover the bill through fundraising.

"It's okay. He seemed like a decent enough kid who had just made a few mistakes along the way, like we all did when we were young," Shane said.

Proserpine Community Centre extended their appreciation to Shane and his team, and said: "Sometimes good people do kind things!"

A local business helped a young man return home last week by bringing his car up to standard and refusing compensation

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