Thursday, June 6, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

A Minute With The Mayor Ry Collins

I have been in Brisbane since Wednesday for multiple meetings with Queensland Government Minsters to advocate for funding and turn a spotlight on priority issues for the Whitsunday region.
It is my belief that the relationship between local, state, and federal governments should be a partnership built on mutual support and shared goals rather than always criticising a lack of funding.
I have had high-level meetings with multiple Ministers over the past two days and some of the issues discussed include confirmed funding for Hamilton Plains flood proofing and Shute Harbour boat ramp; advocacy for the Skyway project and other major projects; infrastructure funding to support the fast growing Whitsunday Coast Airport; infrastructure planning support for the Bowen Pipeline and Water project; lack of affordable social housing in the Whitsunday region; and increased funding for Yellow Crazy Ants and feral pigs and dogs control.
One of the most critical areas where state and federal funding is indispensable is in infrastructure development with regards to water, waste, and sewage.
These projects are often costly and beyond the financial capacity of local councils alone so by working together with all tiers of government we can continue to improve the lives of our residents and build a brighter future for all.
Addressing environmental challenges requires significant resources so state and federal funding supports local initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions, protecting natural habitats, and promoting sustainable practices.
For instance, grants for renewable energy projects or conservation programs enable Council to implement green policies that might otherwise be financially unfeasible.
Asset management remains a key focus for Council because by looking after our assets, we are looking after our community and ensuring that Council can continue to deliver the services for future generations.
However, the ability for Council to deliver these responsibilities effectively depends significantly on the financial support they receive from both the state and federal governments.
Investments from state and federal governments also help stimulate our local economy by funding projects that create jobs and attract businesses.
An example are regional development grants that can be leveraged to improve local amenities, making our communities more attractive places to live and work.
This, in turn, leads to increased investment, tourism, and economic opportunities for our residents.
The funding provided by state and federal governments is not just about direct financial assistance; it is about ensuring that diverse regional councils like the Whitsundays have the resources needed to build vibrant, resilient, and sustainable communities.
It is my intention to make these visits to Parliament House in Brisbane, and to Canberra, regularly to ensure the Whitsunday region is always front of mind for the Queensland Government with regards to funding and partnership opportunities.

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