Thursday, September 14, 2023


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A Morning Coffee With A Sprinkle Of Kindness

Stellarossa Café had a burst of positive energy in their drive through this week, with a ‘pay-it-forward' act from a mystery man leaving Northern Beaches local, Carole Harrison delighted by the generous act.

Carol states, “When I got to the window, I was informed that the gentleman [who I was behind in line] had paid for my food, because somebody did this to him a few days ago and he wanted to reciprocate.

“I was so touched by this act of kindness that I will do the same.

“If the gentleman should read this, thank you. You made my day.”

Other social media users commented on their own personal experiences, appreciating the kindness of strangers.

Jackie responded, “I helped someone, and he bought me a gift. I said: ‘You didn’t have to do that, but when someone wants the same help, I hope you pay that forward.’ He said ‘yes - that makes my heart happy’.”

A local was the recipient of a generous pay-it-forward act in the Stellarossa drive-thru in Northern Beaches

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