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A Mother's Day Made At A Local Pharmacy

An anonymous Facebook user posted to a community page in awe of the support she received at a local Priceline Pharmacy last week.

Despite feelings of embarrassment, she was extremely grateful that she was able to take home all of the baby products she had picked out despite not having enough money to pay for them.

The anonymous lady approached the counter not realising she would be short of money, however, a kind stranger at the pharmacy in Ooralea selflessly paid for the baby products she was about to put back.

The anonymous poster wrote: “To the beautiful lady at Priceline Ooralea, I hope this finds you.

“Today I only had enough money for one of my items, out of baby Vicks oil and powder for my bub.

“Everything is so expensive without realisation I was short until I got told the price at the counter.

“Not only this lady was extremely helpful, she let me take home two of the items instead of what I could pay for which was only one.

“I know you have good things coming your way because you surely made my day with a lovely surprise and being so thoughtful going out of your way, thank you so much.”

This random act of kindness serves a reminder to uplift members of the community wherever you can, knowing that one small gesture can leave a big impact on the hearts of those around you.

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