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A New Set Of Wheels For Local Legend

Around town, Jaime Sparke is a notable figure, a much loved local and dedicated music fan, whose influence and impact is felt within the waves of the beats in the street.

He has become a regular face on the Airlie Beach Main Street, having moved to the region over 10 years ago, the temperature and climate agreeing with him and his active lifestyle, with many a local recognising him and his furry friend, Rocco.

Jaime’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy has not hindered his passion for life, with his active lifestyle including his job with the Airlie Beach Hotel in Band Promotions, his love for the beach and being outdoors, and spending time with his Rocco.

However, his primary mode of transport, a 20-year-old Honda Jazz, has outgrown its appropriateness, no longer supporting his needs, or catering to his lifestyle.

“The car isn’t entirely accessible,” explained Ben, a member of Jaime’s support family.

“Every time we use the car, we damage a part of Jaime’s wheelchair, and the car. And having Rocko riding on Jaime’s lap is cute, but not ideal.

“For the safety aspect, we would prefer something with a bit more space, something easier for Jaime to get into, and that we’re not damaging his chair too much.”

The NDIS specify they will only make the necessary modifications to a brand-new vehicle, something which Jaime and his family is unable to financially afford at this time.

With this in mind, Jaime has decided to crowd fund his way to a new car, hoping that people will support his desire for comfort and freedom which, in turn will enable him to give back more to the community he loves.

Primarily communicating through sign language, Ben translated for Jaime, explaining that Jaime is looking forward to riding shotgun in the new car, as well as sleeping in the car comfortably when travelling around

“Jaime is also excited to go on more road trips,” Ben translated.

“On our last road trip, he got a lasting piece of memorabilia, a tattoo of Rocko that he just loves.”

Having a new vehicle will provide freedom and comfort to Jaime.

“Jaime’s a bit of a local celebrity, and we all appreciate the people who have donated to the cause,” Ben explained.

To donate to Jaime’s new ride, please scan the QR Code here.

1. Jaime Sparke with Rocco riding shotgun

   2. Jaime and Rocco at work at the Airlie Beach Hotel

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