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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

A Tiny Fighter's Tale

A brave little kitten is showing remarkable strength after recovering from a recent accident, suffering serious injuries when a box fell on him. The incident left him with a broken jaw, a fractured foot, as well as internal issues and was shortly after rushed to Northern Beaches Veterinary Hospital on Australia Day, the 26th of January.

Despite the challenges of high veterinarian bills and a shortage of staff, the team at Mackay Pet Rescue once again stepped up and provided round-the-clock care. Robyn, a well-known carer within the organisation visits him multiple times a day, bringing warmth with soft blankets and heat packs. Unable to eat on his own, members of the organisation say he finds comfort in the love and attention of his caregivers. The kitten is described as a “real trooper” and is renowned for his tendency to purr and cling on to his foster carers during cuddle time.

Updates reveal the kitten is hanging in there, playing with toys and enjoying cuddles, despite having to be heavily sedated and syringe fed. Caregivers say it’s still in the early days but his strength has shown tremendous improvement throughout his recovery and the community is praying for a full recovery.

Visit The Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated Facebook page to keep up to date with his recovery, donations are also encouraged. These generous contributions play a crucial role in ensuring that our local furry companions find refuge from the streets and secure a place in caring and loving homes.

Support and cuddles from caregiver Robyn. Photo credit: Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated (Facebook)

Injured kitten resting and recovering

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