Thursday, September 7, 2023


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A Wedding Ring Miracle

When a honey-mooning couple embarked on an underwater adventure in the Whitsundays, they never dreamt that their day would become part of a lifelong memory, and not just for the incredible marine life they saw.

It was while snorkelling in Saba Bay, that the groom’s ring had somehow slipped off and disappeared into the water.

Distressed and disappointed, the couple’s only option was to return to the mainland, thinking the wedding ring had been lost forever.

“They were very casual but you could tell they were upset,” said Nicole Rosser from ZigZag Whitsundays.

“When items get lost under the water, they don’t often come back, but when our crew returned to the same spot the following day, they were determined to have a look.”

ZigZag regularly complete environmental surveys of the reef and so they used the opportunity to scour Saba Bay for their studies and also to try and find the ring.

Miraculously, the ring was found glittering on the seabed sometime later.

“The crew were absolutely astounded!” said Nicole.

“And when we told the couple they were happy, stunned and appreciative – fortunately, they were still in town and were able to meet the boat at the jetty, collecting the ring just 15 minutes before they had to leave for the airport!”

“Your special moments are our special moments too. We're more than just a tour—we're a community, and we take care of each other.”

Wedding ring retrieved from the ocean and returned to the happy honeymooning couple. Photo: Supplied

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