Thursday, August 24, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

A Whale Of A Time

Hold onto your hats (or sunscreen), because the humpback whales have rolled into town, and boy, are they making waves – literally! It's that splendid time of the year when our coastal waters transform into a magnificent stage for these gentle giants. And let me tell you, they're putting on a show that deserves a standing ovation.

There’s plenty of action to be seen from the land. Lambert’s Lookout at Slade Point is a popular location due to its elevation, but if you look carefully at the horizon for the blowhole spray you can see them from most beaches. I had the delight of spotting them from Daydream Island last weekend at sunset. A pod put on an impressive display for my Kiwi friends who were extremely excited to see the mammals play near Lover’s Cove.

If you’re seeking a closer look, the Coral Sea is nature's own aquatic classroom, and we're all invited. A friendly reminder to boaties, while we're all for your salty escapades, let's remember that our maritime friends appreciate some personal space. Think of it like bumping into a celebrity – you admire from a respectful distance, right?

There are some rules to make sure we all coexist harmoniously. If a curious whale decides to glide over for a closer look, just ease up on the throttle and keep your speed around six knots or less. And if Mr. or Mrs. Whale gets a little too cosy, switch off those engines or gently retreat. The Department of Environment and Science has the specific rules listed on its website.

Here's to a whale of a time – may your encounters be respectful, your memories lasting, your sunscreen well applied and may you catch a ‘fluke’ on camera. Happy whale watching!


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