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Abandoned Mother And Kitten Saved By Local

Mother Cat Ezme and her one and only kitten Lovebug were recently found abandoned in a playground just a few hours after Ezme gave birth. With no human in sight to help, Ezme quickly went into mother-mode and protected her baby kitten by cradling him in an attempt to shield him from the rain.

Helpless and alone, Ezme and her newborn baby were stranded in the dreary rain needing urgent care as Lovebug was alarmingly tiny and weak.

Thankfully, a nearby resident noticed the two felines in the park and quickly acted on aiding them by transferring them to Northern Beaches Veterinary Hospital.

Since saved, Ezme has blossomed and is loving the meals and affection. Carers say, “she has a very happy smile and Lovebug has thrived.”

Ezme’s kitten is the only one at the milk bar and is loving the advantages of having his mother’s love all to himself.

Both Ezme and Lovebug will get all their required vet work done prior to adoption.

To keep helpless animals like Ezme and Lovebug off the streets and into a loving home, donations can be made through the Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated Website or Facebook page. The team dedicate their time to ensure stray or stranded animals are given a second chance at life but are in need of funds to cover medical, food and care expenses to continue their great mission.

To adopt Ezme and Lovebug, please register your interest in this delightful little family by contacting Rob’s on 0400 239 039.

Ezme, Mother Cat
Lovebug – kitten of Ezme
To donate to Mackay Pet Rescue Inc, scan the QR code

Photo Sourced from Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated (Facebook)

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