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Acupuncture And Back Pain

Back pain can be experienced anywhere along the spine and can range in intensity from a dull, constant ache to a sudden, sharp or shooting pain.

It’s a relatively common ailment and can be managed effectively with the right treatment.

Dr Bob Wong of Art of Acupuncture said most of his back pain patients have had chronic pain for a very long time, and acupuncture can provide a unique treatment to ongoing problems.

“Many of our patients have tried the conventional approach, not had great success and are looking for an alternative approach to healing,” he said.

After an initial examination, Dr Wong will complete a patient’s health history and see if there is any structural damage before mapping out a treatment plan to get the patient out of pain and enjoying life again.

“Treatment may include acupuncture, cupping, or herbs to reduce pain and inflammation in the back and then retrain the brain and body to heal itself,” said Dr Wong.

Back pain can stem from a variety of sources but there are three common day-to-day factors.

Firstly, physical: pain from structural issues such as bulging discs, pinched nerves or trauma from a tear or sprain.

It can also be from postural issues from long hours at a desk or work-related injuries.

Being overweight can also cause pain due to the extra pressure it puts on the lower back.

Secondly, back pain can come from emotional stress which triggers an inflammatory response from the body.  

Thirdly, diet and lifestyle, including inflammatory foods such as sugar, alcohol, and ultra processed foods, can cause back pain.

If you are experiencing pain for more than several weeks, Dr Wong recommends checking in with your local GP who may recommend physio exercises or rest and heat packs.

If there is still no progress, they may recommend a scan or some imaging to look for structural damage.

Dr Wong recommends gentle stretches and acupressure to treat back pain at home and has developed online resources to aid these exercises.

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