Thursday, August 24, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Airlie Beach Bowls Report

As the mornings and evenings get colder and the days are still warm, we are just so lucky to live in this beautiful place in the world and our little bowling club just seems to get better and achieve more goals every week.

On Tuesday Ladies Day attracted 17 bowlers and Joan McGrat, Tina Schubert, Lynne Skeen, Dawn Dowell, Tony Whitehorn, Lane Telford, Pam Collins, and Di Dobbins with Di Jackson whose improvement is notable by all her peers, everyone bowled well.

Wednesdays Jackpot Bowls saw Tony Kelly’s team win everything with Graham Cowling and John Brown at lead and to cap off a huge day John also won the prestigious Health Hub award.

Tuesday also saw Betty Nicole and Carol Crosbie beat Karen Jensen and Vicki Spann in a nail-biting game to progress to the finals.

The second last weekend of the men’s Pennant Teams saw our Division One team win all three games on Saturday at home against Serena but lost to the very strong South Suburban team 2 games to one on Sunday and they will finish near the top of the ladder.

Division 4 won on both days against Mackay and Serena on Sunday and could easily win their division as can Division 5 with a win on Saturday and winning the points on Sunday as well with Rick Brunnell showing he still has all the skills.

Division 6 went down to Mackay on Saturday and also won on Sunday at home to RSL Mackay and unearthing a new talent in 14-year-old James Hou whom has only been learning for a month but bowled brilliantly on both days, as did David Meiklejohn with his hours of practice paying off.

The Ladies Pennants will begin next week, and the school’s competition is getting stronger each week with St Catherine’s school and the Christian College, all challenging whom will represent their school in the finals in Brisbane later on this year.

We have an abundance of talented students competing.

Lastly our Bar Manager Fiona Greener works tirelessly and makes the most delicious sandwiches for all to enjoy.

Contributed with thanks to Mark Mawson

John Askew who broke Rick Brunnell’s record of officiating at the club’s championships of singles, doubles triples and fours.

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