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Airlie Race Week Goes Green

Avid sailors from across the country are set to enjoy an entirely green experience at Airlie Beach Race Week which is due to take place at the Whitsunday Sailing Club in August.

An announcement was made this week said that the entire marina village will be off grid during the event.

Whitsunday Sailing Club President, Terry Archer expressed his enthusiasm about the event going green.

“We operate in a sport, that’s powered by the wind, so to have our onshore operations powered by the sun is just a perfect fit,” said Terry.

Supplying the green energy are Mobile Power Trailers.

They are proudly Australian and provide portable power solutions with their advanced solar and battery trailers.

Managing Director, Adam Janczyk said  “We're going to bring six patented trailers up, we're going to have about 110 kilowatts worth of power here, 130 kilowatts worth of battery storage. And it's just going to be run from the sun.”

“The perfect thing is, you guys go out there and sail in the beautiful Whitsundays, and everything's powered by the wind out there. And then you can come in here and be powered by the sun!

“So, we're very proud to be part of it. and we thank Terry and the club for letting us come and we want to be at the forefront of the green initiative.

“We're hoping this will set a trend for other regattas and more big companies to start making the green transition.”

It’s not just the Airlie Race Week that will be green, Adam also ensures the trucks used to transport the trailers are completely green and battery operated.

“I wanted to show that solar can be trustworthy and it can work,” he explained.

“We're here to show people that we're ready to move into action and make it actually happen.”

It’s not just Adam’s passion for green energy bringing him to Airlie Beach Race Week, he also participates in the event regularly.

“I not only wanted to register a yacht and sail in the race week, I wanted to make a difference,” said Adam.

Airlie Beach Race Week is taking place between the 8-15 of August 2024 and registrations are open now.

Caption: Whitsunday Sailing Club President Terry Archer and Managing Director of Mobile Power Trailers, Adam Janczyk are excited to welcome an off-grid Marina Village feel to this years’ Airlie Beach Race Week. Photo credit: Rachael Smith

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