Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Anonymous Tradie Does Good

In many cases a good deed slips by unnoticed or the kind Samaritan prefers to step away from the spotlight and remain anonymous.

This was the case with a Good Deed we heard about this week and despite being asked to share, the gentlemen preferred to keep his act of kindness a secret.

With that said, we will respect his privacy but tell you a little about his thoughtful gift that will undoubtedly help some of our more vulnerable residents.

A local tradie, who had a few days “up his sleeve” before a new work contract started used his spare time to extend his services for free to any elderly people or those who have been struggling and could not otherwise afford to get something fixed.

“I am dual trades, handyman, can fix almost anything and I am happy to give up a few hours of my time each day,” read the post on Whitsunday Noticeboard.

While many of us would have used this small reprieve between work contracts to relax, unwind, head out on the water or pursue other hobbies, this kind person decided to contribute to our community and help others.

Good on you Mr anonymous!

Fixing small items around the house can seem easy to many but for those without the invaluable skills of a tradesperson, these jobs are often out of reach and out of budget.

The same goes for other skills – such as fixing computers, writing resumes and repairing clothes – do you have a talent that seems simple to you but would mean the world to someone else?

If so – could you help a fellow local in need?

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