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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Are You A Show-bag Lover, Or Do You Love The Animals More?

Right now, either way, you’d be in heaven with show season going full on all this week.

For me personally, you can throw me any show-bags and I’ll be set for a winning day. Set me up on the roller coaster, or any machine that spins, rolls over and goes upside down? Well, you can forget it, because I’ll be guaranteed to bring up last week's smoko if I did. No one wants to see that, or even hear it for that matter.

Show season is one of those weeks that we all love. Sure, we get a public holiday. Sure, we get to have some fun with the family in the cool winter weather, and sure we spend a few bucks to make the economy click over a few times.

Last Sunday we had a ball at Finch Hatton for the 60th Pioneer Valley Show and wow what a day that was. I was lucky enough to be on the mic all day in the centre ring calling the shots for the horse riding and stud cattle. That just amazed me. So did seeing all the families love the entertainment and the fireworks was really a huge highlight.

So, this week it’s all happening at Mackay and of course Proserpine Friday and Saturday. If you get a chance to head out, take the family and make some great memories that will last a lifetime. I say that because when I first came to town in ’81, going to the Mackay show was the highlight of the week. I couldn’t wait for school to be done at Milton Street, so I could head down and run around at the showgrounds for some winter fun.

If you’re doing that with your kids, or even grandkids, have the best time. Take lots of pics, and leave your wallet open, and you really won’t have time to shut it again, if you know what I mean.

One other thing I will say is, please take a moment or three to thank the volunteers who put these events on. Without them, there wouldn’t be any shows. Months and months of planning have gone into them for your enjoyment. Give them a wave or a high five to thank them for what they’ve done. They are a credit to the region.

Oh, the last thing too. If you’re in charge of a little one, get them to drink some pink fizzy drink during the night. Why? Well, wait and see what happens at around midnight, when they are safely tucked in bed, and all of a sudden, the hotdog they ate for dinner wants to come up, and you’ve got to contend with the pink mess on the Bluey bedspread.

Enjoy the cleanup! Just saying! Have fun!

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