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Doubles brought out fierce rivalry when the Jan Meng Memorial Trophy was decided at the Mackay Table Tennis Centre last Tuesday.

Don Boettcher and Fred Saliba won the trophy ahead of Pam Joyce and Gerry Synnott, while the consolation final was won by Donna Abbott and Bill Hey from Doug Dungavell and Cheryl Pearson.

The trophy is played annually by Tuesday morning fixture players in memory of the late Jan Meng, who for many years organized the fixtures.

Many thanks to Iris Grasso, Pam Joyce, Tony Bowman, Steve Mathieson and others who helped make sure the event ran smoothly.

Mackay Table Tennis Tuesday night fixture results August 22, 2023:

Division 1:

Donic (Ivan Perkins, Anne Sheridan, Ian McKay) d Andro (Robbie Richards, Barry Patterson, George Camilleri) 8-3. Anne d Barry 9, -4, 9, -7, 11.

Joola (Janice Kent, Andrew McHugh, Geoff Denman) d Tibhar (Steven Whiting, Tim Shehan, Vince Boeske) 6-5. Vince d Janice -5, 12, 6, -6, 7.

Butterfly (Graeme Walker, Emma Widdup, Allan Edwards) d Radak (Mick Ruhl, Lee Brake, Graham Brake) 6-5. Graham d Graeme -9, 5, -8, 8, 8.

Division 2:

Xiom (Duncan Sheridan, Duncan Treloar, Ishan Rana) d Yasaka (Andrea Nicholson, Peter Goodson) 8-3. Ishan/Duncan d Andrea/Peter -10, -10, 8, 9, 8.

Stiga (Leo Gilbert, Tony Bowman, Donna Abbott) d Victas (Mark Sleeman, Steve Mathieson, Steve Crocker) 7-4. Mark d Donna 9, -10, -9, 3, 8.

Gewo (Trent Day, Lily Boland, Matthew West) d Nittaku (David Ting, Will VanDeKaa, Daniel Warfield) 7-4. Matthew d Daniel 6, -6, 10, -9, 7.

Division 3:

Zeta (David Symons, Bill Hey) d Epsilon (Anaya Reelh, Virginia Clayton) 6-3. Bill d Anaya 9, 10, -6, -8, 9.

Delta (Aarnav Reelh, Val Austin, Michael Ibbotson) d Gamma (Craig VanDeKaa, Mark Stam, Alok Rana) 6-5. Aarnav v Mark 10, 5, -7, -9, 11.

Alpha (Ollie Hamelink, Rymer Tabulo) d Beta (Simon Hogan, Kade Wright, Nehmat Dhaliwal) 6-5. Rymer/Ollie d Kade/Simon 7, 7, -10, 11.

Mackay Table Tennis Tuesday morning Jan Meng Memorial Doubles Tournament:

Don Boettcher/Fred Saliba d Pam Joyce/Gerry Synnott; consolation Donna Abbott/Bill Hey d Doug Dungavell/Cheryl Pearson.

Contributed by Charlie Payne

Fred Saliba and Don Boettcher have a firm grip on the Jan Meng Memorial Trophy, which they won from Gerry Synnott and Pam Joyce Photo credit: Charlie Payne

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