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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Aurora Australis Captured In Mackay

A captivating celestial display unfolded as the aurora australis, commonly known as the southern lights, adorned the skies across the country with stunning hues of pink, green, and blue. This rare spectacle, triggered by a severe geomagnetic storm, marked the first such event in Australia since 2003, captivating observers across the country.

The mesmerising light show, fuelled by sun-emitted plasma and solar flares in four distinct "coronal mass ejections," cast its brilliance over two consecutive nights, with particularly vivid sightings reported from New Zealand, Tasmania, and even the tropical region of Mackay, an extraordinary occurrence for the area.

Geomagnetic storms, caused by these mass ejections colliding with Earth's magnetosphere, created temporary disturbances and manifested as vibrant natural light displays in the sky. Here is how some locals captured the glow through their lenses.

Campwin Beach, taken by Janice Terrill

Walkerston Cemetery, taken by Claire Stribbles

The Leap, taken by Brittany Wedemeyer

Aurora over the cane, taken by Deb Ford

The vivid glow from Clermont, taken by Elise Dunckis

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