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B Kinder In 2024

A much-loved annual community event which spreads the word of kindness and remembers the life of an inspiring young girl, is taking place across Australia once again this June 22.

Billie Kinder was a Whitsunday local who, at just 12 years old, sadly lost her life in an accident while horse riding.

Her mother, Danny Mason-Kinder found her daughter’s paintings and poems that illustrated incredible insights into kindness and empathy, and she has since used these to create a book using her daughter’s work.

Seeing how this book inspired others, Danny created the b kinder Foundation and the broader b kinder day, to help spread kindness and combat bullying in the community and within schools.

It is now part of Billie’s legacy to help thousands of children discover the power of kindness through various programs.

Every school in the Whitsundays celebrated b kinder day last year and Proserpine Kindergarten, Proserpine High School and now Proserpine Primary School have all become b kinder schools.

“Proserpine has become Proser-kind!” said local b kinder day organiser, Mel Turner.

“All Proserpine State schools now not only celebrate b kinder day but have also taken the step to being b kinder schools with a year round student lead program!”

Last year 146 schools and over 200 businesses were involved in b kinder day.

The main activity on the day is for everyone to write a kind message in one of the b kinder day cards and give it to someone they care about. 

b kinder day cards are $1.00 each and orders over 40 cards include b kinder day posters and biodegradable b kinder day balloons. 

To date, over 120,000 b kinder day cards full of kind messages have been sent around the world.

In addition, b kinder programs, designed by teachers, have been introduced into the syllabus at many schools – each of them actively teaching students about how to be kind every day of the year.

“We would love schools, businesses and the community to get involved and help spread kindness,” expressed Ms Turner.

“The ultimate goal is to weave a tapestry of positivity, kindness and compassion that blankets schools and communities throughout Australia.

“b kinder day addresses what it means to be kind and amplifies the power of kindness, connection and thoughtfulness.  

“Reaching out and connecting with others can literally have a life changing impact on those around us.”

This year, Proserpine State High School has been named the first secondary school in Australia to become a b kinder school.

Six student ambassadors have been announced and they will lead initiatives to help their peers continue to spread kindness within the school community and broader Whitsunday community alike.

Year 11 and 12 students Mia Vloedmans, Abbie Green, Savannah Lamont, Hurley Diessel, Nathan Richards and Holly Perrin have the honour of being the school’s first b kinder ambassadors.

Principal Don McDermid said it was a great privilege to work with the b kinder Foundation on a journey to ignite empathy, compassion, resilience, and confidence in students from Years 7-12.

“It’s an opportunity to spread some kindness and reflect on the power of positive actions towards someone else,” he said.

Proserpine State High School’s six b kinder student ambassadors. Photos supplied
Proserpine State School celebrate b kinder last year
Subway in Bowen also celebrates b kinder day

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