Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Bacon Busters: Hitz, Huntz And Hogs This Weekend!

The Collinsville community are roaring and ready to go for their ninth annual Bacon Busters event which is due to take place this weekend and is anticipated to be the biggest and best yet.

For almost a decade, Collinsville’s vibrant country culture has been displayed at it’s best through this event which brings the community together to raise funds for the local state school.

Attendees can sit back and watch a variety of events or, for those spirited and experienced in the art of pig-hunting, can participate in the Bacon Buster biggest boar competition.

Registered as pests, the wild boar in the area is free game to hunting enthusiasts and the skill of killing the beasts has become a popular sport in the area.

While some may view this as a bit barbaric, this is a staunch and accepted part of local culture.

The event, however, is more than a hunting competition, at its heart it is a fun family day out that brings everyone together.

There will be a variety of additional activities including dog-jumping, ute pulling and iron-man competitions.

Kids will also enjoy many free events and there will be plenty of entertainment, food, and merriment.

The much-anticipated Bacon Busters weigh-in, however, is a highlight of the event.

Over the past six years the local P&C organised event has raised over $100,000 for the school and proceeds are put towards funding school excursions or extra equipment.

Each year, the P&C choose a local charity to also benefit from the event and this year RACQ CQ Rescue has been selected.

WHAT: Collinsville Bacon Busters

WHERE: Collinsville Football Grounds

WHEN: Saturday, August 19

Councillor Michelle Wright with the youngest competitor and his dad at last year’s event. Photo: Facebook

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