Thursday, November 2, 2023


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Banjo Blues And Smooth Tunes: The Pigs Are Coming To Town

Airlie Beach Festival of Music just got better, with the infamous Aussie blues banjo bandits, The Pigs, making the line-up.

About to hit their 20th year anniversary of making the beautiful banjo blues, the boys of The Pigs are ready to take Airlie Beach by storm.

“This will be our first time pigging in Airlie Beach and we’re very excited,” T-Bone Pig, the band’s front man, said.

“We are supercharged hillbilly pop.”

T-Bone Pig is joined with Stretch Pig, Cousin Montz, Cousin Shamus, and Cousin Burt, and there is no stage that The Pigs won’t rock.

Excited to bring it on for the Airlie Beach crowd, The Pigs have been busy preparing themselves.

“We’ve travelled all over Australia and Europe, with five records, been nominated for a Golden Guitar, and we just love making people happy,” said T-Bone.

Now, where did the name come from?

“We’re not too sure either. We’re slightly confused. We’re not sure where we’re from but we’re here now and ready to bring the banjo blues,” T-Bone explained.

“We’re not a message from God, but a message from the South.”

And what can the people of Airlie Beach expect from the electric Pigs?

“It will be a lifechanging experience, with a lot of fun and a massive recharge. You’ll find out what’s important in life and you’ll wake up with a massive headache the next day.”

The infamous Pigs are taking on the Airlie Beach Festival of Music, bringing charm and banjo blues with them. Photo supplied

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