Thursday, January 18, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Banter With Bronte

To the sound of a squeaky dog toy, I am writing this.

Our office dog (who doubles as Rachael’s pet pooch) has found a toy and is so excited that we may not exist in his world.

I also write this off the back of another Core Life Magazine deadline. During my time with this team, we have sent about six Core Life Magazine’s to print and each time is more exciting than the last. And then, when we receive the perfect finished copy, it is so exciting to flick through the pages and marvel at it.

It’s a little bit crazy to be in this world, where you can tangibly see all the hard work and effort that you’ve spent on this amazing project.

In other worlds, the sport club registrations are opening up, and are announcing their season dates, plus the annual Whitsunday Sports Expo, on February 3.

I’m playing with the idea of signing up for Netball again, just because I loved it last year and I met some great people, and it kicked off my exercise journey.

Before I moved here, I found it too cold to really get out on the courts (even though it was my childhood home town and I’d lived in the cold for upwards of 10 years), but relocating up here, I made it a priority to get out, join clubs and try and make some friends.

That being said, I also joined soccer at the beginning of summer, with the Summer Sixes, and I unexpectedly loved it. I hadn’t played soccer ever as a proper sport, only ever at university in college one-off competitions.

My team’s colour was fluro yellow, which really got some giggles in the office when I had to get changed at work for the 5.30 games.

While I would have wished for any other colour, I loved the game and loved the team I was placed with.

As someone who is still quite new to the area, what would you suggest I do, to get out and about, meet people and make friends?

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