Thursday, October 26, 2023


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Be Disaster Ready With Bowen Small Motors

Get ready this disaster season, with one of the best and most knowledgeable teams at Bowen Small Motors and Cycles.

“We have everything a household would need in an emergency,” explained Scott Raisbeck, owner and operator of Bowen Small Motors and Cycles.

“From generators, chainsaws and pumps, our team are able to make sure you and your family are ready.

“For generators, while Honda is the preferred brand which we stock, we also have a great range of other generators, that sort all needs.”

Following Scott’s recommendation, every household in the region should have a generator, be it a small generator, to power fridges, fans, and lights, or large capacity systems that can run absolutely anything, from stoves, lights, multiple fridges, and air conditioners. And don’t forget about charging phones and communication devices.

“Even just to run the bare essentials, every home should have a generator.

“If a household has medical needs, like CPAP machine, then having a generator is a must. Not even just for cyclones, but when we have power outages, you need to be able to run those invaluable devices,” Scott explained.

Bowen Small Motors and Cycles also stocks a wide variety of chainsaws, which come in handy in the post cyclone clean-up.

“While not essential for every home, having a chainsaw is handy,” said Scott.

And prior to disaster season, Scott recommends getting your home ready.

“Tidy up your yards, clean your gutters, and be ready to quickly move items that can be blown away in a cyclone,” Scott said.

Ready for disaster season, Bowen Small Motors and Cycles has great deals, so stock up now and be ready.

Ensure the best for your family this disaster season, with Bowen Small Motors and Cycles. Photo Shutterstock

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