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Be Extra Cautious When Walking Dogs On The Beach

Tropical Queenslanders have been urged to take extra pre-cautions when taking their four-legged friend on beach walks, after a dog recently swallowed a blue button jellyfish and fell ill due to the toxic creature in South East Queensland.

Blue button jellyfish are described as coin-sized creatures that tend to wash ashore after heavy winds or large tides and as a result, will float close to the water surface.

The toxic species have reportedly washed up at Blacks Beach Mackay and high risks have been raised to not only dog owners, but beach walkers in general.

While research states that they are not deadly to humans, they can still cause skin irritation and have recently proved to be harmful to dogs.

Their tentacles are made up of millions of stinging cells that act like a harpoon, causing pain and swelling in the throat through to the oesophagus and stomach of dogs.

Typically, between November and May, our region becomes a hotspot for various types of jellyfish as the water warms up and worsens during windy weather conditions.

As we power through the months of stinger season, beachgoers and residents are advised to always wear stinger suits when swimming and are encouraged to take extra attention to pets and children when walking near shorelines.

Image of Blue Button Jelly Fish. Photo supplied

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