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Be Kinder This b kinder day

This June 22, celebrate empathy, connection, and kindness and with fifth annual b kinder day.

b kinder day is built on the foundations laid out by a driven 12-year-old girl, who tragically passed away in an accident in May 2016.

Inspired by the passions and dreams of 12-year-old Billie Kinder, b kinder day is a day dedicated to connection and reconnection, of inclusivity, of respect, and of kindness.

In our region, seven local schools have signed up to the initiative, commemorating Billie’s passions and spreading kindness locally.

b kinder day will have students pen cards of kindness and love to someone they care about, either writing or drawing how they feel.

Since 2016, 80,000 b kinder cards have been sent around the world, spreading kindness from the heart of Australian schools.

Schools are also encouraged to participate in other avenues to spread kindness, including visiting nursing homes, planting sunflowers, and passing toys of kindness.

The seven local schools that have signed up to the b kinder foundation will also establish a student leadership team that oversees the day, as well as creates a kindness space within the school.

Each school will foster a kindness recognition initiative to continuously feed kindness back into campus, and share the values of the b kinder foundation into the community.

Local businesses are also encouraged to sign up for the day, pen their own kindness cards with staff or customers and spread kindness in their own networks.

WHAT: b kinder day

WHEN: June 22


b kinder day celebrates spreading kindness in communities and around the world. Photo supplied

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