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Beauty for a Cause: Mackay Mother Helps Children In Papua New Guinea

In a heart-warming display of generosity, a dedicated local mother is using her skills as a beautician to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Over a period of two days (18th and 19th of March) Samira offered henna tattoos, eyebrow threading or waxing, and eyelash tinting at just $15 each to raise funds for a school in the remote town of Aragip.

Aware of the financial constraints faced by many families, especially in remote areas like Aragip, she also offered henna tattoos or face painting for children under 10 at a discounted rate of $5.

The initiative is in support of the charity "Friends of Brilliant Stars," organised by her friend, where 100 per cent of the donations go towards the education and hygiene needs of children. In a school where resources are scarce, every contribution counts in shaping the future of young minds, which is why this particular charity is striving to expand its impact by doubling the number of students it supports.

“Due to the lack of resources, the charity can only support a small number of students, which is roughly 20 in the whole school.

“Unfortunately, lots of families are feeling left out and desperate for their children to also get an education,” Samira said.

As a stay-at-home mother, Samira’s appeal for support is not just a request for financial assistance but a call to rally together for a common goal – providing education and hope to those who need it most and illuminating the path to a brighter future for the children of Aragip.

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Children in Aragip, Papua New Guinea are in need of financial assistance to begin their education. Find out how you can help, at

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