Friday, November 10, 2023


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Being Led To Success

Bowen State High School has welcomed their four new student captains, who are each confident and dedicated students prepared and eager to take on the responsibility of Student Leadership in their final year of high school education.

Jack Homewood’s motivation for taking on the role as School Captain is to refresh the school spirit and encourage more peer participation and community spirit.

“I’ve always looked up to the leaders in the past, and I thought it’d be awesome to become a captain. I want to try and bring back the school spirit, like bring back lunchtime sports and bring back community events.”

For Ryland Gaffney, he always knew that student leadership was something he wished to pursue.

“I’ve always done leadership stuff, like sports captain in Primary school, and I was a Year 10 Student Leader, and this year, in Year 11, I was Kennedy Vice Captain. This was also a great opportunity to give back to the school. But my sister went through this year, and I wanted to one-up her, so that was that!”

Alyssa Hardy believes that being a student leader, you are able to make real change.

“When you’re a leader, people actually listen to you, and I want to make a difference, and get more kids involved in school and with what’s going on at school.”

Skye Kennedy’s motivation stems from her belief and passion in the school.

“We want to make a difference, build the school and the students, bring back a good school spirit, where kids want to come to school.”

Bowen State High School Principal Robert Harris is excited with the drive of these students.

“Our 2024 student leadership team bring a diverse range of skills, leadership qualities and interests to achieve great things at Bowen High in 2024. Their collective enthusiasm, willingness to be involved in community events and support for their peers makes them great role models for our school and local community.”

Jack Homewood, Alyssa Hardy, Skye Kennedy, and Ryland Gaffney. Photo supplied

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