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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Big Stories For The Region’s Youngest

A joint venture between Proserpine State High School and Whitsunday Shire Family Day Care (WFDC) has seen the creation of a new ‘The Whitsundays: Our Home, Your Adventures’ novel.

The idea came from the team of WFDC, as a way to celebrate the region, the community’s identity, and incorporate iconic landmarks in a children’s book.

“Our goal was to capture the unique charm of the region and involve the children in the process,” explained Amanda Brett, Coordinator with Whitsunday Shire Family Day Care.

“Collaborative efforts among Educators, children and students aimed to showcase not just physical landmarks but also the essence of the community. The grant facilitated the production of a high-quality book, serving as a keepsake for families and a source of community pride.”

Spanning over 18 months, from the initial concept to the point of publication and distribution, WFDC are now eager to spread the news of the project.

“The children at Whitsunday Shire Family Day Care are mostly under five and loved the project,” Kylie Smith, Coordinator with WFDC explained.

“They had a wonderful time learning about local animals and doing fun crafts with their Educators. Even though they didn't fully grasp the final product concept, their excitement peaked when they saw the book.

“Finding the animals they created in the book made them really excited. The project went from a learning experience to amazement for the children when they discovered their creations in the colourful pages.”

Year 12 student Alice Attwood worked closely with the students of WFDC.

“I think the book is a great idea and opportunity for the community to collaborate for kids to see different art textures and mediums. It will be great to show the book to our own children one day.”

Don McDermid, Principal of Proserpine State High School, is excited with the project.

“It has been such an incredible opportunity for our school,” he said. 

“Our students showed such excitement and enthusiasm through their work and appreciated the chance to demonstrate their artistic skill, interest in child care and ultimately their love of our Whitsunday Region,” he explained.

“It been an absolute privilege to work with Amanda and Kylie on the book release.”

The books are available for purchase for $20 each from the WFDC office, at 18B Chapman Street, Proserpine.

Back: Teacher Bhrett Bell, students Isabella Grenci, Sienna Thomson, Amelia Brain, Arthina Straker, Lilly Tarver, Emily Vique, former Teacher Tia Attwood, student Sophie Whish, Whitsunday Shire Family Daycare staff Kylie Smith and Amanda Brett.

Front: Students Alice Attwood, Millie Groom, Lexi Di Benedetto, Ella Williams, and Flynn Squires.

Absent: Students Ellizay Brett, Gabby Beach, Demi Vardanega, Alessa Penglase, Preis Boileau, Courtney Beard, Anaiyah James-Hankin, Jahla Thompson, Belamy Poles, Dominick James-Johnson, Zanthia Brimble-Jacobi, Olivia Whibley, Giselle Tronc, Jordan Welsh, and Natalie Cooper. Photo supplied

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