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Blues Brothers Afternoon At The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel

Relive the magic of the Blues Brothers with the Soul Men as they present the Blues Brothers Tribute Show at The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel.

This tribute act being based on the iconic film of the same name and stands out from the rest with great audience participation.

Jake in the show, performed by Greg Hill said “We're interactive, we’re choreographed. we are well rehearsed, and we also have a script that we use but we're also adlib as well.”

“How we differ from a lot of other tribute shows is in interactive stuff, and the showmanship that we provide in our show.

“We have a certain knack of getting the audience eating out the palm of our hands really quickly and interacting with us and having a really good time.”

Haven’t seen the film? That’s okay.

“You don’t need to necessarily see the film to enjoy the show,” said Greg.

“The music in the show is in our culture and has been in all the ads, tv shows, it’s in theme songs, it's immersed around our culture.

“I've played many gigs with young people that haven't known the Blues Brothers but have known all the music.

“For the fans of the movie, we reenact some scenes, we drop lines from the movie itself and as a nod and tribute back to the film itself.”

This show has been to Airlie Beach numerous times and Greg loves the crowd, people, atmosphere and can’t wait to come up again.

What: Blues Brothers Tribute
Where: The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel
When: Saturday 22 June & Sunday 23 June (2pm – 5.30pm)
Tickets: Don’t need them! But booking a table is recommended

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