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Bogie Trial Back In Bowen Court

The man accused of killing three family members and wounding a fourth on a remote property in Bogie had his case mentioned in the Bowen Magistrates Court Last week.

In August 2022, 60-year-old Darryl Valroy Young allegedly invited the neighbouring property owners over to the estate’s borderline to discuss a dispute regarding boundaries.

During this conversation, Mr Young allegedly said he was going to "end this once and for all", before allegedly producing a shot gun and firing off five rounds.

Within minutes husband and wife Mervyn and Maree Schwarz along with Ms Schwarz's son Graham Tighe were shot dead.

Ms Schwarz's son Ross Tighe was also shot but managed to escape and drive 40km to call for help.

Last week’s court mention was the first time the police account of the tragedy was presented, and a detailed statement was given about the lead up to the alleged shooting as well as the aftermath.

Police detailed how the families had been involved with a dispute for some time, and there had also been disagreements between Mr Young and the previous owner of Schwarz's Sutherland station.

The court heard how Mr Young phoned Graham Tighe at 7.05pm on August 3, 2022, to arrange a meeting to discuss the recent dispute.

The location of that meeting was the front gate of the defendant's property of Shannonvale.

Later that night, Mr Young allegedly phoned another person, where he allegedly asked someone to help, offering to pay "$500 to do someone in for me".

The hearing also revealed that, despite the fact the weapon was never found, there were shot gun cartridges located at the scene that were allegedly ballistically matched to the one spent cartridge located in the defendant's dwelling and fired from the same gun.

The Bowen Magistrates Court also heard how survivor, Ross Tighe still has a bullet lodged in his body and was suffering from post-traumatic stress.

Mr Young remains in custody while the court case progresses and the defendant has still not yet entered a plea.

Mervyn and Maree Schwarz along with Ms Schwarz's son Graham Tighe were killed in the shooting in August 2022. Photo supplied

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