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Bourbon Blues On Bourbon Street

Bourbon-soaked rock is next on the lineup for these bourbon boys, gracing the stage of the Airlie Beach Festival of Music for a mammoth weekend of unstoppable Australian rock.

“And we just love it,” Bourbon Street guitarist, Horace Bevan said.

“We play hard, and we sweat harder. You can’t put us in a corner!”

After 37 years of rock, the boys of Bourbon Street say they are feeling more alive than ever.

“It takes a lot of physicality, a lot of attitude, but we’re grateful that we can still play in our prime years,” Horace explained.

“It’s endearing how powerful music is, sharing music with people. It’s an honour and a privilege to be on stage. It’s abundant joy, an emotive high, without even having to use drugs!

“It’s a powerful bond and it proves that the band is no more important than the audience. When people get up and dance, express themselves through dance – not to sound like a hippy – but it’s a powerful thing.”

Over the years, Bourbon Street have evolved, covering the best tracks of the 60s and 70s, to writing and producing original music.

“We are an old school rock band,” Horace explained.

While Horace’s passion is palpable, the lasting impact of Bourbon Street in unimaginable, with the band deciding to produce a documentary, to celebrate their illustrious career.

“We have this young filmmaker on board. He’s organised and ready. He gets us to show up and be on out A-Game, even when I’m like ‘Ah man, I just want a joint and a cup of tea’.

“But this is a great opportunity to present our story through the years. We have this massive body of history and have yet to share it.

“We’ve done all these amazing things; we toured Australia and America, and we got into the Golden Circle. We didn’t quite get the commercial success we were after, but we got really close.”

For Horace and Bourbon Street, they are thankful to Gavin “Butto” Butlin, the Festival Organiser.

“In 2013, Butto was instrumental in us getting back together, and being in the same room again. He’s what kicked us off again.

“That’s the thing about the Airlie Beach Festival of Music: it has integrity. The entire festival is all about the music, about bringing people together and coming together as one. It’s something that we admire.

“There is this raw essence in music, a companionship through music that you cannot deny.”

And now celebrating 37 years in the industry, Bourbon Street is feeling fully alive.

“Music keeps us present, conscious, and it wants us to do our best. It’s just really f**** cool.”

And as Horace says: What happens on the road, stays on the road.

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