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Bowen Boom For Seasoned Police Officers

Bowen is hitting the big screen with District Crime Prevention Co-Ordinator, Sergeant Nigel Dalton sharing the town in a series of new videos, to attract seasoned Queensland police officers for a tree change.

Having completed similar internal promotions of the Northern Beaches of Mackay and attracting a number of existing Police Officers to relocate, Sgt Dalton was asked by Senior Sergeant Craig Shepard to create a similar video of Bowen.

“We’re looking to attract officers to this district, to Bowen. Often, officers in the South-East corner of Queensland are oblivious to the perks and attractions of Bowen and North Queensland, and this is one way we can promote the area as a great place to relocate and live,” explained Sgt Dalton.

The two videos, set to hit internal police communications in the coming weeks, showcases the reality of working in the modern and upgraded Bowen Police Station, and the beautiful way of life that officers can live while in Bowen.

“Ultimately, we can allow people to fall in love with Bowen, and relocate their family here for a number of years,” Sgt Dalton explained.

“Or, they can fall in love in Bowen, and meet a local, and settle down.”

While filming the videos, Sgt Dalton stopped in at the Big Mango, at the Bowen Visitor Information Centre.

Manager of Bowen Tourism and Business, Leanne Abernethy said it was a pleasure to talk to Sgt Dalton and provide him with promotional material and links to promotional videos that depict the beauty of Bowen and the great lifestyle it offers.

“Bowen offers a great lifestyle for families with secluded beaches, great bushwalks, a free water park, a free public swimming pool, the perfect climate and great country town hospitality,” she said.

“With playgrounds, parks, and plenty of open space as well as great beaches, there is so much to do for the kids.

“Bowen is one of the few places in Queensland where you can snorkel directly off the beach.”

Sgt Nigel explained, “Creating these videos and enticing officers to Bowen is just a different way for us to help our district.”

Once the videos are shared across police channels, it may be as soon as six weeks to see new faces at Bowen Police Station.

Manager of Bowen Tourism and Business, Leanne Abernethy with District Crime Prevention Co-Ordinator, Sergeant Nigel Dalton at the Big Mango. Photo: Bowen Tourism and Business

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