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Bowen’s Own Marcus Corowa

One of the country’s up and coming Opera stars, Marcus Corowa, is a Bowen boy who  spent most of his childhood in the region and is now hitting the big stage and performing in Queensland’s biggest opera productions.

But how did he get there?

Marcus grew up around music, going to the local church with his family and playing a lot of instruments.

With this passion for music at a young age, Marcus decided he wanted a career in singing and song writing.

To make this dream come true he moved to Sydney with those intentions, but other opportunities came his way.

Marcus started branching out and performing in musicals and operas, which required him to act, dance and perform.

With a new skillset and now fully immersed within the arts industry, Marcus has been performing in some of Queensland’s biggest opera productions with Opera Queensland.

Three years ago, he performed in Opera Queensland’s most successful production, ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’, which toured regional Queensland and celebrated Opera and Country music.

Earlier this year he was involved in a fun production named ‘Do We Need Another Hero’ which came to Proserpine as part of its regional tour.

The show was filled with a variety of genres and in essence left audiences wondering what it means to be a human being in this world.

In August of this year, Marcus will be performing in another Opera Queensland production called ‘Straight from the Strait’.

This production will be the first Torres Strait Islander musical in Australia, and it pays homage to the Torres Strait Islander men and women that ventured far from their homes in pursuit of employment on the mainland.

Marcus Corowa, Photo Supplied

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