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Bowls Go Bald

Two local bowlers, Andrew Butler and John Matterson will be feeling the sunshine on their head this week, having shaved their heads for World’s Greatest Shave over the weekend.

John had the idea of participating in the World’s Greatest Shave whilst growing his hair out on an 83-day sailing trip with his wife, Juanita.

He had been growing it out for six years when he was diagnosed with monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis (MBL).

MBL is a rare condition that can develop into chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Considering John wanted to donate before being diagnosed, he thought there would be no better time than now.

John has raised over $1500 for his World’s Greatest Shave and Andrew has raised between $400 to $500.

Juanita has jokingly asked her husband if he will donate his hair again once it has grown out again and she said, “he hasn’t confirmed and hasn’t denied”.

To donate to the World’s Greatest Shave, you need to shave off 30 centimetres of hair, so that will be John’s next goal.

Juanita encourages people to donate to the Leukemia foundation.

If you wish to donate head to

The two men getting their hair cut over the weekend. Photo supplied

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