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Brave Boat Conducts Mangrove Rescue

Earlier this week, a local sunset cruise company called Whisper Cruises, captained by Dale Tansley, was on one of their regular turtle-spotting sunset tours, when they heard a plea for help in the distance. To their surprise, after searching with their spotlight, they noticed a 24-year-old woman perched on a mangrove branch near Pioneer Bay.
Immediately, the brave crew and guests jumped into action, in hopes of rescuing the poor girl, who by this point said she had been stuck there for an hour. After some deliberation, the team didn’t think that they would be able to get in close enough to rescue her, so phoned Tripple Zero (000) for help.
Dale mentioned how the young woman appeared, “pretty freaked out” and was concerned about the potential crocodiles around her.
Despite not thinking the boat could get any closer, they were eventually able to get near enough to the woman to attempt a rescue. Everyone on board played their part, including the guests, one of whom helped her onto the boat, and the others who had blankets ready for the cold and panic-stricken woman. When the boat got back to shore police checked her over.
This was a courageous act from everyone aboard, Dale affirmed that he didn't “know what would have happened”, if they had not been there to save her. He added that had it not been an electric boat it could have had a very different ending, as they probably wouldn't have heard her cries for help.
Despite the eventful trip, Dale emphasised that the guests still got to see lots of turtles on their sunset tour.
Caption: Superstar Captain Dale Tansley who saved the day

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