Thursday, May 16, 2024


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Bridging The Gap Or Falling Short?

While the budget brings welcome relief in the form of minor boosts and tax cuts, does it fall short of addressing the fundamental issue of the widening wage gap in Australia? While households may receive modest sums weekly due to the tax cuts, the stark reality remains: the cost of living continues to soar, outpacing any marginal increase in disposable income.
Not to mention, as ordinary Australians struggle to make ends meet, major banks continue to rake in billions in profit, much of which is funnelled overseas, exacerbating the economic disparity plaguing our nation. Is this a factor we continue to ignore?
Treasurer Jim Chalmers emphasised the budget's commitment to providing relief to Australian households while promoting economic growth, However, Federal Member for Dawson, Andrew Willcox, voiced reservations about the budget's neglect of regional priorities and infrastructure projects. He argues that while the budget promises relief for some, it fails to address the broader challenges faced by regional communities, leaving them economically disadvantaged and overlooked. Read more on page 3.
By the looks of things, we shouldn’t be holding our breath for the ‘Bruce’ to be fixed to an acceptable standard any time soon.
Now, while I don’t want my weekly editor’s note to read as a ‘dear diary’, I have felt your outpouring of support following my cancer diagnosis and I will do my best to keep you updated on my journey. I’ve been admitted back to hospital early to top up my blood levels, my haemoglobin was a shocking 59. With less than a week to surgery, I’m counting down the days and admittedly am a bit nervous about the journey ahead.


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