Thursday, September 21, 2023


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Bright Future For Forward-Thinking Youth

Forward-thinking and proactive, Year 10 student Jayla Battis has taken her future into her hands, following her week of work experience led by Bowen State High School.

During her work experience week with real estate agency LJ Hooker, Jalya approached both the business and the school, proposing a school-based traineeship and Certificate III in Business.

“I was looking into real estate,” Jayla explained.

“Another student started a traineeship and I thought that was really cool, and I wanted to get into that.

“I started the work experience, and I was so nervous, but I absolutely loved it.”

Completing the traineeship alongside her school work, Jayla has a newfound appreciation for school.

“It’s made me want to go to school more, because I have something to look forward to. The rest of the week just flies by.”

“I’m loving it so much. It’s definitely an eye opener.”

By the time she graduates Bowen State High School, in two short years, Jayla will have her real estate license and a Certificate III in Business.

“My ultimate goal is to open my own real estate agency, but first I want to go overseas and work in a real estate agency overseas.”

Jayla’s proactiveness has impressed Bowen State High School principal, Robert Harris.

“We offer career expos, work experience opportunities and connections with industry for students and parents to engage with, but to have a student be so forward thinking is exciting,” he said.

“We talk how things won’t just come to you, you have to reach out, and through Jayla’s work experience, she has reached out. That confidence and forward-thinking is really cool.”

Raylene Doyle, Office Manager and Business Owner of LJ Hooker said that the system is fantastic, putting students ahead before they even graduate Year 12.

“Jayla is the youngest trainee I’ve had, and she is mature, keen, and committed. At this stage, she will be certificated by mid-Year 12, and be ahead of her classmates.”

Bowen State High School student Jayla Battis with Raylene Doyle of LJ Hooker Bowen. Photo supplied

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