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Building Memories Of Love Amy and Reece

The secret to love for this couple is quality time, with every momentspent together a cherished and loving piece of their wider puzzle.

Amy Dolman knewthat Reece Nesbitt was the person for her when she saw him walkingout of a restaurant one evening.

“He just walkedout of the Restaurant I was going to in his chef uniform and I knew Ihad found a handsome man to cook for me for the rest of my life,”Amy laughed.

Now, eightexciting years on, Amy and Reece keep their connection alive andthriving, passion in every moment of their time together.

They have spenttime travelling Europe together and creating long-lasting memories,of the good, the bad and the ugly, and of completing the simplemundane tasks together, like spending time at the beach together.

Amy and Reece’s top tip for a lasting and loving relationship:

“Keep going onadventures and keep having fun!”

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