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Building Safe Spaces For Pets In Care

Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated is deeply moved by Jacob Cook and Limitless Asset Assurance's extraordinary act of kindness.

Jacob Cook and Limitless Asset Assurance's generous donation of time and materials to install secure fencing has profoundly expanded Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated's capacity to provide safe shelter for more puppies in need of foster care. Jacob's selflessness and dedication have empowered foster carers to open their hearts and homes to these vulnerable little lives, ensuring they receive the care and security they deserve.

Mackay Pet Rescue Incorporated extended their gratitude in a Facebook post to acknowledge Limitless Asset Assurance who donated both their time, and the material, to put up the secure fencing that will allow more puppies to come into foster care.

“Jacob's remarkable act of kindness has filled our hearts with joy and hope,” the Mackay Pet Rescue team commented.

“His selfless donation of time and materials for the fencing has enabled our foster carers to welcome precious puppies into their care,”

“We are forever grateful for his unwavering support and generosity.

“Thank you, Jacob Cook and Limitless Asset Assurance.”

Jacob Cook and Limitless Asset Assurance donated their time and materials to build fences for the Mackay Pet Rescue Inc team, ensuring pets remain safe and secure while in foster care. Image source: Mackay Pet Rescue Inc (Facebook)

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