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BUZZ OFF! Why Has Mackay Become A Fly Utopia?

This is the question frustrated locals have been asking on community chat boards on Facebook this week.

From bugging people at the beach to swarming doors while dinner is cooking, the problem has noticeably ramped up over the past week.

It seems as though the issue isn’t selective when it comes to suburbs either, with people right across the region voicing their disgust in dealing with up to one hundred flies daily.

You may think a fly is a fly, but according to the CSIRO, there are more than 30,000 different species.

Evolutionary ecologist at the University of Sydney Thomas White has been quoted previously as saying that higher temperatures can speed up the life cycle of flies, so they can mature up to twice as fast as normal. They are attracted to heat and humidity too, so this time of year is the ideal time for fly numbers to increase.

Here are some practical tips to deter flies from lingering in your home:

   1. Maintain Kitchen Cleanliness: Take extra care to keep your kitchen spotless by promptly cleaning up food scraps and crumbs. Consider using a small indoor bin that you empty regularly. For outdoor waste disposal, opt for a larger, tightly sealed rubbish and compost bin placed at a distance from your home.

   2. Enhance Ventilation: Ensure good airflow throughout your house by keeping it well-ventilated, and strategically use fans to redirect flies out when necessary.

   3. Invest in Fly Screens: While not the most budget-friendly option, fly screens for doors and windows provide a permanent solution for fly control. They prove especially effective if flies are a persistent issue and have the added benefit of keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Try Natural Alternatives: Traditional fly sprays may fall short during summer, and environmentally-friendly versions might not be significantly better. Instead, opt for natural solutions like having a pot of basil or lavender in your kitchen (if it receives sufficient sunlight) or plant them outdoors. Alternatively, place dishes of crushed mint leaves, as flies strongly dislike the aroma of these plants.

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