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Camm Claims Budget Is A Blow For Regions

In an effort to address the issue of cost-of-living pressures, the Queensland state budget has taken centre stage, offering a range of concessions, rebates, and discounts. Premier Steven Miles and Treasurer Cameron Dick have earmarked $11.2 billion in concessions for Queenslanders in this year’s budget, marking a notable 31 per cent increase from the previous fiscal year.
Among the headline initiatives is a 20 per cent discount on car registration fees and households will benefit from a substantial $1,000 rebate on power bills.
Despite the promising initiatives, concerns linger regarding the sustainability of the relief measures, as many of the benefits are slated to expire shortly after the upcoming election day. This temporal limitation raises questions about the long-term efficacy of the measures in addressing ongoing cost-of-living pressures faced by Queenslanders.
Of particular interest is the absence of a final cost estimate for the ambitious Pioneer-Burdekin hydro project near Mackay, which has been touted as the world’s largest battery. Despite its monumental scale, initial estimates peg the project at a relatively modest $12 billion, a figure significantly lower than the projected cost of the smaller Borumba project, which exceeds $14 billion.
In response to the budget announcement, Amanda Camm, the LNP member for Whitsunday, has voiced scepticism regarding the government's priorities. Camm asserts that the budget reflects a prioritisation of Labor's political future over the long-term interests of Queenslanders.
“The government has tried to spin this as being a budget that delivers more for regional Queensland. All it demonstrates is that for the last decade this Labor government hasn’t listened to what the priorities of regional Queensland are,” Ms Camm stated.
“The number one traffic issue in the southern part of my electorate in Mackay is the need for capacity upgrades to Mackay Bucasia Road. But this project doesn’t even rate a mention in this budget, not even in the forward estimates. The government has not allocated $1 of spending for this project over the next four years.”
Ms Camm added, “This is a budget for the next four months, not the next four years and beyond. 

“Queenslanders need a government that is focused on the right priorities for Queensland’s future.”

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Member for Whitsunday Amanda Camm (left) said there was no funding allocation for the Mackay Bucasia Road in the Queensland budget

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