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Campfire For A Woman’s Heart

The second book in an inspiring series about resilience and overcoming adversity has just been released by local author, Natalie Stockdale.

Campfire For A Woman’s Heart includes personal recounts of challenges overcome and an inner spirit rising from within, as Natalie interviews dozens of women who have that one attribute in common.

“Imagine sitting around a campfire with a Paralympian champion, a gutsy barrister who stood up to ICAC, a brave young student from Afghanistan, a mother from war-torn Ukraine and many other extraordinary resilient women,” said Natalie.

“Sitting around a metaphoric campfire, women share how they have overcome their worst nightmares and while most storytellers are unknown heroes of their personal journeys, others are well-known champions of resilience.”

Natalie captures the essence of what it means to survive and learn how to thrive again by interviewing a diverse range of women whose words and stories fill the pages of her book.

From the tragic loss of children to the coalface of war, Taliban terror, homelessness, violence, illegal imprisonment, disease, divorce, injuries, and more, every subject is impactful and the survival story empowering.

Natalie is inspired to bring these stories together after enduring her own survival battle which included droughts, divorce, and disease.

Upon recovering, she woke up to the importance of resilience for our mind and body, resigned from a corporate position and decided to pursue a career in wellness.

She is now on a mission to help make happier more resilient people.

“By learning how other people have recovered from life’s tragedies and traumas, we can be inspired and empowered to recover from ours,” she explains.

In this book you will discover what a mother from war-torn Ukraine, a survivor of the Port Arthur massacre and a former First Lady of Timor Leste have in common.

“They all share a resilience and relentless determination to rise despite devastation and challenges,” said Natalie.

Local author Natalie Stockdale has just released her second book. Photo supplied

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