Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Cannons Look Ahead To Club Championships

The Cannonvale Cannons are eagerly awaiting their 2023 Club Championships next Saturday to mark the official end of the local swim season.

Over 40 swimmers prepared this week by participating at the Cannons’ Club Night, surprising coaches with new personal bests.

Club official Jane Delac presented Zach Trefz and Connor Lee with the Chocolate Awards for best personal bests.

Club Upgrades were presented to Bianca Anderson, Zane Clayworth, Miller Eaves, Harry Crisp, and Jax Clayworth, and the Swim Star Award presented to Piper Walker.  

Highlights from Club Night included: Top performers by personal best were Charlie Doherty, Levi Smith, and Jax Clayworth.  

Thomas Ganter swam an excellent time of 3.08.65 in his 200-metre IM which was a massive 23.83 second personal best.  

Andie Reynolds also swam a fabulous 200-metre IM, taking 7.71 seconds off her previous best time.  

Declan Dichiera and Matilda Nicholes performed well in their respective 100-metre IMs, finishing close together. Declan swam a 3.88 second personal best and Matilda swam a 4.13 second personal best.  

Ava Hudson swam fantastic times in her Backstroke and Breaststroke races, while Lucas Korosec, six, smashed his 25-metre Butterfly and 50-metre Backstroke times.  

Addie Sanders swam a brilliant 50-metre Backstroke in 59.34 second.  Max Smith swam a smooth 25-metre Butterfly in 35.06 seconds.  

One of Owen Maher’ best swims was his Butterfly - he improved his time by 2.15 seconds.

Trace Quick keeps getting quicker every week: he swam personal bests in his Butterfly and Breaststroke.

Sister pair Millah and Piper Walker both swam extremely well in their Breaststroke and achieved personal bests.

Well done to all the swimmers who participated at Club Night and special mention to swimmers who swam one or two personal bests:  Don Algie, Gracie Laguna, Connor Lee, Stevie Lee, Miller Eaves, Sophie Fletcher, Roxy Groom, Ty Hayes-Williams, Zane Clayworth, Harry Crisp, Harris Delac, Bianca Anderson, Clare Anderson, Harry Chegwidden, Indi Smith, Zach Trefz, Celeste Orenshaw, and Isaac Pisaniello.

Contributed with thanks to Raylene Rasmussen

Cannonvale Cannon Piper Walker was this week’s Swim Star Award recipient

Zane Clayworth holding his Club Upgrade certificate earnt at the Cannonvale Cannons’ weekly Club Night

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