Thursday, January 18, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Capes Are So Last Season

G ‘Day mates!

Buckle up because the Australia Day Awards are about to sweep into the MECC next Thursday, shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes who are the essential cogs in our community machinery. Forget about capes – these local legends are the everyday superheroes, keeping our town ticking with their incredible deeds. If you have never been to the Australia Day Awards, I encourage you to grab a ticket. It’s an incredibly inspiring and uplifting evening learning about the people who selflessly go above and beyond in so many different ways.

But the heroics don't stop there! The Just Saying Project's (JSP) Awards are revving up for an inspirational and uplifting celebration of girl power in our community. It's a chance to mingle with the incredible ladies who contribute their brilliance, making our community the vibrant tapestry it is. I was blown away to see my name in the nomination list for the Magic Muse award. Really, it's a recognition of our shared journey as a publication as a whole, to give a voice to others and strive to deliver positive news to every corner of our community. It's about turning every page into a space where everyone's story can be heard and celebrated. It will be my first time at these awards and I can’t wait to mingle with the other magic makers of Mackay.

Quick insider tip: Next week's edition of our newspaper is making an early entrance on Thursday, January 25th. We're serving up a ripper recap of all the Australia Day antics. Let’s just hope that sneaky low hanging off the coast stays away, no one likes soggy snags on the barbie.

As we embrace the Australia Day Awards and the Just Saying Project's ode to local heroines, let's remember that our town's true superpower lies in the everyday magic woven by our community. So, gear up for a week of laughter, prawns and pav, and celebrating the heart and soul of our Aussie home.


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