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Car Donated After Second Nurse Joins Trudy Crowley Foundation

When four local businessmen attended the Trudy Crowley Foundation Ball last year, they made the decision to pool their resources and make a vital donation.

“We all thought what better way to help the guys out than by buying the car they were raising money for, then all the money they raise could go to something else,” said Brendan Camilleri of Comiskey Mining Services.

Mr Camilleri along with Craig Percival (Woollam Constructions), Daniel Callinan (New Pioneer Motors Mackay) and Rod Allen (Inspec Industries) handed over the keys on Monday, the Trudy Crowley Foundation board members extremely appreciative of the donation.

“It’s amazing that the business community supports our foundation and the work that we do,” said Board Chair Pauline Townsend.

“There are so many things happening; we’re just going from strength to strength.”

The car is the second to join the Trudy Crowley Foundation fleet and will used by a second palliative care nurse, Chris Giannengelo, who joined Rosie Stannard, the first and only nurse in Australia solely employed to assist women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, on March 1.

“We have patients in Proserpine, Airlie and Bowen so the girls will be travelling,” said Ms Townsend.

“They will have their own vehicles and now they can go into those areas with more mobility; they’re not relying on sharing their car.

“There’s so much that we can give our patients, and this is just another milestone.”

The Trudy Crowley Foundation now turns its fundraising efforts to the Trudy Crowly Sanctuary palliative care home.

Visit to learn more and to donate.

Trudy Crowley Foundation board members accepted the donation of a new car by four local businessmen earlier this week

Nurse Chris Giannengelo, Board Chair Pauline Townsend and Nurse Rosie Stannard. Photo credit: Sam Gillespie

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